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ROSE is an innovative robotic solution designed to enhance the quality of life for the elderly. Developed by Prosperous Robotics, ROSE combines advanced MarsWalk technology with a compassionate approach to eldercare.

Prosperous Robotics is committed to continuous innovation, aiming to integrate the latest advancements in robotics and AI to further enhance ROSE’s functionalities.

The goal is to make ROSE an integral part of eldercare across various settings, improving the lives of millions of older adults.

Physically Assistive

ROSE features a semi-autonomous walker, providing stability and support for walking, sitting, and standing, thereby reducing fall risks and enhancing mobility.

Vital Sign Monitoring

Equipped with advanced sensors, ROSE monitors vital signs and manages medication schedules, offering crucial data for healthcare interventions.

Social Interaction

As a voice-activated and interactive companion, ROSE engages in meaningful conversations, reducing loneliness and isolation among elderly users.

Safety and Hazard Detection

ROSE proactively identifies potential hazards in the living environment, ensuring a safer space for the elderly.



The AI robot should provide
companionship and engage in
conversations to alleviate

Health Monitoring

Implement sensors to monitor vital signs and remind elders of medication schedules.

Fall Detection and Assistance

Include technology to detect falls and offer assistance or alert emergency services when needed.

Smart Home Integration

Enable control of home devices,
like lights and thermostats,
through voice commands for

Memory Aid

Assist with memory-related tasks,
such as setting reminders, keeping
track of appointments, and helping
find misplaced items.


Provide entertainment options like playing music, telling stories, or even playing games to keep the elders engaged.

Emergency Response System

Incorporate a feature to quickly contact emergency services or family members in case of emergencies.

Mobility Assistance

Design the robot to help with small
tasks, like fetching items or guiding
the elder around the house.

The Future Unveiled: AI Robotic Technology Transforming Lives

Revolutionizing Daily Living with Smart, Adaptive, and Intelligent Robotics
In the dynamic realm of AI robotic technology, groundbreaking innovations are reshaping the way we live. From smart companionship to automated assistance, these intelligent robots are at the forefront of transformative change. Harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, they promise a future where technology seamlessly integrates with our daily lives, making tasks more efficient and enhancing overall well-being. Join us as we explore the frontier of AI robotics and witness the evolution of a smarter, more connected world.

Market Outlook

The Global Robotics Market

The global robotics market is experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by technological advancements and increasing demand across various sectors. In the realm of eldercare, robotic solutions like ROSE are emerging as key innovations, offering practical and compassionate care options for the aging population. Prosperous Robotics is at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the quality of life for elderly.

The Elder Care Market Globally
The elder care market is rapidly expanding on a global scale, reflecting the increasing needs of an aging population. This growth is fueled by a rising demand for innovative care solutions that can provide both physical assistance and emotional support. ROSE, with its unique blend of functionality and compassion, is designed to meet these evolving needs. By offering a solution that enhances independence and well-being, Prosperous Robotics is contributing to a more sustainable and effective approach to global eldercare.
The Shortage of Caregivers in the United States
The United States is facing a critical shortage of caregivers, a challenge that is becoming increasingly acute as the population ages. This shortage places immense pressure on existing healthcare systems and highlights the need for alternative solutions. ROSE, developed by Prosperous Robotics, addresses this gap by providing reliable, autonomous support to the elderly. Our technology not only alleviates the strain on human caregivers but also ensures consistent and high-quality care, making it an invaluable asset in the current eldercare landscape.

Innovation Highlights


Yes, the ROSE Caregiver Robot is patented. Our innovative technology is protected under US Patent No:10966897, ensuring its uniqueness and safeguarding our advancements in eldercare robotics.

ROSE is designed to provide comprehensive support by offering physical assistance, vital sign monitoring, medication management, and social interaction. It features a semi-autonomous walker for stability and support, advanced sensors for health monitoring, and AI-driven capabilities for companionship, making daily life safer and more enjoyable for its users.

Absolutely! ROSE is versatile and can be seamlessly integrated into various environments, from private homes to eldercare facilities, hospitals, and even high-risk settings like prisons and war zones. Its robust design and advanced features make it suitable for providing care in challenging environments, ensuring safety and support for individuals in need, regardless of the setting. Whether it’s for individual users, professional caregivers, or healthcare providers in demanding situations, ROSE offers customizable support tailored to each unique environment.. Its design caters to the needs of individual users as well as professional caregivers, offering customizable support tailored to each setting.

ROSE stands out due to its focus on not just social assistance but also emotional support and physical assistance. Unlike many caregiver robots that primarily focus on task-based assistance, ROSE aims to enhance the overall quality of life for the elderly, addressing loneliness and promoting independence through its interactive and user-friendly design.

If you’re interested in acquiring ROSE or exploring partnership opportunities to commercialize and bring this innovative caregiver robot to market, we invite you to reach out to us directly. Please visit our Contact Us page on the website for detailed contact information. Our team is eager to discuss potential collaborations, investment opportunities, and ways we can work together to revolutionize eldercare. Let’s explore how we can make a significant impact in the lives of the elderly and those in need of care, together.

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